Why feeling your emotions makes life a better place to live

Some Positive Consequences of Learning to Process Your Emotions kristenstewartflauntLG

1. Emotions are energy IN motion. When we learn to channel and process emotions that were once repressed or projected outwards, we boost our connection to our vitality and joy.

2. Emotions are portals – when channeled and processed wisely, emotions can be guides into our wisdom and intuition.

3. Emotions are dissolvers – when blocked or overly tapped, emotions do not serve us. When deeply experienced in a safe space, emotions help us DISSOLVE the blocks in our energy body, as well as dissolve the old psychological patterns from our childhood.

4. Emotions lead to truth. There is no analysis, no way that the intellect can create stories. Emotions are real and lead to more truth when processed intelligently.

5. Emotions are great teachers. The emotional release process will leave you in awe of the way you formerly understood your reactions towards life itself. In this way, emotions are teachers that humble us through revelation.

I am very excited to let you all know that, after much experience seeing the incredible transformational power of working with the emotions, I am now offering private phone sessions in Emotional Release Technique – a body of work that I have been offering for the past few years to my students around the country. More than any other technique, I have seen the incredible transformative power of this process in both my own life, and the life of my students and clients.

This process is great for:
– Anyone who is feeling “in a funk” and doesn’t know why.
-Anyone who wants to tap into something big – something truly transformative.
– Emotional “stuffers” who repress feelings instead of “rocking the boat.”
– Emotional fire-balls who cant seem to achieve balance and end up harming others with emotional out-bursts.
– Overly emotional types who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders.
– Anyone with feelings. In other words, all of us.

If you are ready to learn a technique that is truly life-changing – a technique that you will hold as a precious jewel for the rest of your life, let’s team up!

To book an Emotional Release Technique Session with Katie, send an email to: katiesilcox4@gmail.com

Or simply pre-pay online via this link

With love,


What Others Are Saying:
“My mental and emotional energy is more consistent and my awareness is continually becoming more focused I have a deep fire burning for this technique that has been illuminated by Katie. I am committed and focused to my own personal practice in ways I have never before experienced. I am inspired to practice every day and more confident in listening to my own inner teacher having been guided to refine my personal practice with Katie.” Kim Garrison, Psychotherapist, San Francisco, California

I’m more centered in life, and feel a greater sense of peace… I feel inspired. Jason, Nashville, Tennessee

“Working with Katie has allowed me to be more mindful. She has given me real tools to work with on all levels- to really peel through the subtle layers to be the most grounded and authentically happy person that I can be, helping me break old patterns. Katie has provided a clarity and a sense of empowerment.” Robin, Dir., Environmental Health & Safety, Kettering, OH


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