People and their deepest darkest secrets

m7oa0x67vim22m7I get the honor of meeting with people in private sessions where they reveal to me their deepest, darkest secrets. Here is what most people are so afraid to admit. Its also what ALOT OF US SHARE. Ready?
  1. People want to be having better sex and more intimacy with their significant other.
  2. People feel fat.
  3. People feel totally unworthy of their dreams.
  4. People do one or more things “too much.” They eat too much sugar, drink too much wine, smoke pot, and the most shameful one – they eat for comfort. The crazy part? They know it.
  5. People don’t do one or more things that they really want to be doing. For some reason they gave up yoga, meditation, painting, writing, or singing. And the soul weeps for their lost muse.
You see, sometimes we KNOW what we should do, and we don’t do it. And we know what we SHOULDN’T do and we do do it. You still with me? Tantra says this about our weird inner battle – there is no good and no bad. You shouldn’t do or not do anything. It’s all about what is useful and loving at any given point in time. Breathe. A Sigh. Of Relief.
But it’s still not an excuse to go catatonic in the Lazy-Boy watching The Bachelorette. Tantra also says that until we feel that we are living our purpose, we are gonna’ suffer. That purpose is both service to the world, as well as spiritual liberation (with a side of just straight-up pleasure).

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