Aligning with Seasonal Subtlety

Nature thrives in her cyclical routines. In fact, She is very predictable. And although Her Wild Highness can throw a tornado into the mix, she usually gives us clear indications of her changes if we open our eyes to her subtlety. The more we can align with these rhythms, the easier it is to maintain body/mind health. The word for seasonal routine in Sanskrit is rutucharya.

Rutucharya is not only related to the four seasons and the temperature outside. You may have noticed that life has its own seasonal flavor. You know, “to every thing (turn, turn, turn) there is a season.” Yes from life, death, heat, cold, night, day, orgasm, breakups, firm breasts to crow’s feet, the Ayurvedic sages noticed natural changes both in terms of how the cycles of the seasons relate to the earth’s axis, as well as how people cycle through their own experience of life in a continuous experience of expansiveness and contraction.


As we begin to notice Nature’s rhythms, we become more and more powerful because we tap in to the Most Powerful One—Nature Herself. We also learn how to simultaneously work

with the changes in our own bodies. We learn how to surrender to the inevitable beauty in the impermanence of everything. The good news? One of the Sanskrit roots inside the word for routine, rutucharya, is turiya, a word meaning “the imperishable love that rests, transcendent, beyond the routines.” Change is, in essence, continually showing us its relationship to the Changelessness. And that is the goal, sisters: to honor the changing routine, so as to see what lies beyond it.

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