Golden Mama Milk


This is my remedy for the ten pm “I really wanna hot fudge Sundae in bed” cravings. In fact, I experienced a dramatic shift in my life when I stopped eating after sunset and replaced a heavy dinner with a super light and liquid one. Sometimes, if I eat a good strong lunch and a light late afternoon snack, I replace dinner with this Yogini Milk. It makes me feel full-on self-love and nurturance. It contributes to better sleep and a clear mind upon waking. It is also an antioxidant- rich remedy for anxious sleeping.

Recipe Card Golden Mama Milk

Love yourself up during these winter months with hormone balancing shatavari for a healthy immune system.  Highly regarded in Ayurveda, ashwagandha powder helps the body resist stress and promotes deep, restful sleep.  Add a little of these powders to your golden milk whenever you need a little extra rejuvenation.

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