A Turned-On Kitchen

Let’s learn how to set up a living, loving kitchen. A living kitchen pulsates with the rhythms of a woman’s life. A living kitchen burns brightly when we blend up a new dressing or taste a pungent virgin olive oil. The air in a living kitchen actually tastes good, still spiced from last night’s creation. Plants inhabit this kitchen, breathing moist newness into the nooks and crannies of shelves and cupboards. A wooden cutting board is stained magenta from chopping beets whose brightness now belongs to the inside of a child’s belly. This living kitchen is a sacred space—a hearth and a temple where we have the potential to create the nourishment that supports life within us and for others. It is an altar to the mundane, to the corporeal, to the visceral body that radiates light and power. There is no room more powerful in a home than a turned-on woman’s kitchen.


Getting your kitchen Ayurveda friendly is not complicated, but it may be a good idea to begin incorporating new spices and buying cookware, little by little. For most of us, learning happens over time.


It’s a good idea to start thinking of your spice rack, refrigerator and pantry as your own home pharmacy. You may also find that if you have kids, they begin to take interest in what you are doing if it seems like you are having fun, going to the farmer’s market, tasting seasonal veggies, smelling fresh herbs, playing with colorful foods, and generally being alive and sensual in your kitchen. In my experience working with moms, I have found that over and over, kids will take a while to adjust to new foods, but with time, they will actually begin to crave healthy foods. And you will too.

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