What Do You Want…


I’ve created the Lineage of Love with Where Is My Guru because I feel a deep need to be in constant connection to the practices that bolster my heart strings. I see my students in workshops. I meet with you and we dive deep in trainings. I counsel people one on one. You’ve read my book, but you aren’t sure how to start or how to keep the flame of your spiritual practice passionately bright. There is a feeling amongst us that the chord of yoga is hard to keep alive amidst the speed and madness of daily life. We attend an event together, get excited and juiced on the light of our yoga, meditation and self-care practices, only to find the flame dwindle as we lose our discipline and fall off the spiritual practice wagon. We need a renewed commitment. Guidance. Inspiration. And most importantly, a community of support.


More health, vitality and freedom in your life?

An intimate, on-line home with Katie Silcox?

Cutting-edge classes and lectures on yoga, science, Ayurveda, sex/relationships, plant-medicine and more?

Inspiring talks and meditations designed to help you live the most fulfilled, happy life possible?

Technologies that help you reduce lack of energy, anxiety, PMS, depression, lethargy and other modern stressors?

Easy self-care practices that lead to better sleep, digestion and juicier sexuality?

An elevation of spirit and a return to love in all areas of life, both spiritual and worldly?



One never heard before audio or video lecture

One never-seen-before guided audio or video yoga practice

One never heard-before guided meditation

On-going Ayurvedic daily self-care love

Special deals and discounts



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