Love Served Daily

The Dalai Lama once said, “Western women will change the world.”

I believe him. Nicki Daedone, founder of One Taste, a cool organization that teaches people how to hold space for female sexuality, went on to elaborate on the Dalai Lama’s quote, stating that it will be “turned- on women that change the world.” I agree. I also think that when the women of the world realize that a part of their raw, sexual, creative power can be ignited through feeding themselves and others, the consciousness of the world will shift. In fact, the single most powerful way you can improve your health is to start chopping vegetables on a daily basis.


Why? Because McDonald’s food equals McDonald’s consciousness, and pure, local, loving-mama, old-school food equals pure, loving, earth-abundant consciousness. Let me repeat. Eat crappy processed food and feel the profit-motivated, loveless bottom-line intentions of the makers of that food. Eat what your grandma made, and you may just get a tiny taste of not only her love for you, but perhaps what turned her on—and that is a radical, juicy-woman idea.

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