Unconscious Craving to the Super Mama’s Pleasure-Power

How can we really know the difference between the desires that are healthy (satyakama) and the desires that want the temporary emotional fix but leave us longing for more (asatyakama)? The answer to the delicate relationship between women, emotion and food lies in moving from the unconscious to the conscious. This means, when we feel the urge to overindulge in any of the tastes, we call in the big guns. We call in the Super Mama. Who is she? She is the part of you that lovingly winks at the patterns of your old cravings, and she caresses that scared little girl that feels that her belly needs to be overly full in order to feel the earth beneath her. She is also the loving mama, living inside of you, that asks the hyper-controlling aspect of yourself to be in the pleasure of eating.The first stage in bringing the darkness of unbalanced craving into the light is to identify it.

Write it down.

Admit the way you feel a dysfunction or disconnection from your pleasure- power in regard to food.

Secondly, as the disconnection arises, see it as an opportunity to bring light into unconsciousness. Put your hand on your heart and say to yourself, “My darling, what do you really want?”

Thirdly, try to cook for yourself or eat food from hands that have lovingly prepared it. Remember, your soul is seeking love and connection. Just filling your belly will not satisfy this deeper pleasure. Also, trust your direct experience in regard to digestion and satiety over any recent pop-science study, and especially over the advertising you see on TV or in the news.

Lastly, there are no hard- and-fast laws. Deeply commit to trying things out. Learn from your own experience. In this way, infinite possibilities for transformation occur.

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