Sexual Nutrition

Kama shakti can be translated as “pleasure power.” In order to learn how to build our kama shakti, think about sexual energy and its physical, sensual expression as you would think about food. Just as we want to have the proper amounts and types of foods at specific times of day, we can also think of sexuality as a form of multilevel emotional nutrition.

Let me give an example: Rarely is a huge slice of cheesecake at midnight a good idea. But there are those rare occasions when a girl needs a midnight snack, and so on this unique and unlikely occasion, it may even be beneficial to veer off track. Similarly, rarely is a quickie in the airplane bathroom a super-nourishing, emotionally gratifying experience. That said, once in a while, racking up frequent flyer miles in the Mile-High Club could be fun and exhilarating. Still, nobody likes plane food after the first few exciting trips, if ya get my drift. The bottom line is that too little or repressed sexuality leads to emotional emaciation, lack of nurturance, and/or perversion, while too much sex can lead to exhaustion, both physically and mentally, especially if we are having sex that is not connected to deep love. Our kama shakti is built around having awareness about what is nourishing for us in regard to how, when, and where we express our sex-power.

We can cultivate deeper sexual fulfillment by using Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda helps us align our sexuality with the natural pulls of time, environment, and personal needs, as well as nurturing a sense of bhavana, meaning “intention” and “deep feeling.” Sexual expression, done with the right intention, can bring more love and intimacy into the world. In fact, sex is even more potent than food because of the intensity of its energetic build. Expressed with the proper intention, our sexuality has the power to boost our feelings of intimacy with the world, as well as awaken the dormant, life-giving energy inside all of us. Just as the silence of meditation brings about shifts in consciousness and energetic alterations, sexual expression can also momentarily shift us out of mundane mind patterns and into the sublime bliss of the eternal.

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