Boost Radiance and Slow Aging


Every woman I know wants to be and feel beautiful. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, this makes perfect sense; nature is beautiful, so it should come as no surprise that we would also desire to be as beautiful and radiant as possible. This longing represents a re-communion with the deepest part of ourselves, as well as the underlying reality of the cosmos.

Every woman I know is also at least a little annoyed about the warped media-pushed, mono-version of beauty we are fed on a daily basis. Billions of women see images that they will never look like. We see them in the line at the grocery store. We drive by them on billboards. They pop up on our computer screens as we innocently check our email. Mass advertising feeds us a daily diet of manufactured beauty, which keeps us feeling bad about ourselves while simultaneously buying the products that will finally “fix us.”

The Ayurvedic view of beauty is different from the supermarket checkout lane version. The ancients saw that the more that we could enliven our own robust nature through Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, the more we could become the embodiment of illuminating natural beauty. This beauty says, “I am healthy and connected to life.” A woman holds an unmistakable radiance when she is connected to Nature and Her plants. This radiance, when combined with an authenticity of spirit, turns all women into real-beauty bombshells.

Whether or not we feel radiant and thriving (and hopefully even beautiful) is directly tied to how we feel in our body.  Ayurveda understands the importance of the skin. The skin is connected to our feelings of worthiness. The skin, and our other sense organs, are the shells between the soul and the outside world. When we

feel touched by life, our skin glows from the inside out. When we put natural, plant-based medicines on our skin and sense organs, these parts of us feel loved, and they start to glow.

With time and age, things tend to dry up. To slow this natural aging process and keep us feeling the glow of youth for longer periods of time, Ayurveda teaches us how to keep things as juicy as possible. Imagine your body as a series of channels full of a golden sap that is directly responsible for how juicy, wet, satisfied and content you feel at any given time. Ayurveda calls this sap rasa, Sanskrit meaning “taste.” Another meaning of the word is “contentment.” Imagine it like a psycho-physical honey, charged with your life force. The word for rejuvenation in Ayurvedic therapy is rasayana, or as Ayurvedic expert Dr. Robert Svaboda translates it, “the path of juice.”

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