The Notorious Neti Pot


Despite its somewhat intimidating phallic appearance, the neti pot is truly one of ancient Ayurveda’s greatest gifts to modern-day humans and benefits all three doshas. With all the exhaust fumes and chemicals toxicants we are exposed to on a daily basis, this little ceramic pot may be our greatest hope for cleaning out the gunk we hold in those two little nasal openings. Allergy sufferers will also get huge relief by making this a part of the daily routine. It can also help clear your nasal passage for deeper breathing in asana and pranayama. Mystically speaking, it opens the channels of the third-eye, promoting deeper meditations.

Recent evidence has shown that modern water sources may not be clean enough for use in the neti pot. Make sure to use only distilled water, or boil your water before using so as to prevent getting any contamination in the sensitive tissues of the nose, ear and brain.

To practice using a neti pot: Fill the pot with warm water, adding 1/2 tsp of sea salt. Place the spout at the edge of one of the nostrils and tilt the head to the side and slightly forwards, so that the water moves through the nostril and out the other side. It may feel like you are drowning at first, but overtime you will get used to it. Just make sure to breathe through your mouth, and not your nose. Do one pot per nostril.

Click HERE to check out a short video of how to use a neti pot!


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