Meditation for Gathering and Expanding Your Energy

This energizing practice brings clarity and focus as you learn to collect your life-force energy. This practice helps us gather the energy we need for both spiritual and worldly goals.

To begin, close your eyes and let your body relax. For a few minutes, notice the simple miracle of the breath. The inhale raises the navel center away from you, without you trying, and the exhale lowers the belly back down. Again, try not to try. Simply watch the belly as you become more and more relaxed.

Now, bring your awareness to your nostrils and begin to smooth and even out the inhale and exhale. Take a few minutes to get the inhale and exhale as smooth and even as possible, feeling the texture and temperature of the way the air moves through the nostrils, from the tip to the bridge of the nose. Feel the current of air rising and falling along the ceiling of the nostril. Spend some time here just feeling the ceiling of the nostril. The more effortless you become, the more you will feel that you aren’t controlling or shaping the breath, but the breath is breathing itself. The more you relax, the more you will sense that there is subtle energy that precedes and follows the breath. This is your connection to prana.

The more you focus on this connection, at the ceiling of the nostril, into the midbrain, the more you may sense a presence or light. Feel light pulling breath in and out of you. The nature of this light is expansion. Feel this light move into the midbrain. With time, the brain will almost feel as if it’s bathing in light. When you sense or feel light, let go of all techniques and simply rest in the luminous light of the mind. You are now in a place of “gathering” or “collecting energy.” Now would be a good time to begin to chant a mantra into the pranic presence you have created.

To come out of the meditation, simply deepen your breath, offering gratitude for the practice. Slowly begin to move your body and come back.


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