Our juicy, sap-like love-nature


Rasa: Tapping into the Sap of Life Retreat and Training in Colorado July 15- 18, 2016

This weekend will include core practices in the realm of RasaYoga – the path of emotions. Think of rasa as the essential waters of who we are – this includes our bodies, our feeling nature and our psychophysiological channels of communication and connection. When our rasas are flowing well, we feel good and want to lovingly connect. When they are off, we are off.

You will leave with a basic understanding of the Tantric 9 principal rasas and how they affect your life. We will use yoga, meditation, breathwork, emotion processing and partner work to explore the rasas as a pathway into deeper svadhaya (self-understanding), clarity of your core desire and even bliss. You will leave with a deep connection to this vital aspect of our humanity – our juicy, sap-like love-nature, and a more structured methodology on how to work with rasas in your daily life.



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