I appreciate and adore Katie’s ability to translate and provide the teachings of tantra in an accessible and digestible way. I have been studying this material for two years and sitting and practicing with Katie for one week literally brought the teachings to life. I not only learn in a way that seeps into my pores but I EXPERIENCE the teachings when with her in a way that is powerful and impactful.

– Kim

Therapist in training, San Francisco


The most significant changes that I have experienced since this training have been around my personal practice, teaching practice and the way I come to make choices, decisions and set goals for myself. I left feeling grounded, and well equipped with tools that would weave beautifully into an increasingly fulfilling experience of teaching, practice and life back home.

– Sylvie Anne

Yoga Teacher, Montreal


I’m more centered in life, and feel a greater sense of peace… I feel inspired.

– Jason

Software Geek/Yoga Nerd, Nashville


Training with Katie has allowed me to be more mindful. She has given me real tools to work with on all levels- to really peel through the subtle layers to be the most grounded and authentically happy person that I can be. Through diet, asana, pranayama, mantra, mediation and helping to identify what holds me back and helping me break old patterns. Katie has provided a clarity and a sense of empowerment.

– Robin

Dir., Environmental Health & Safety, Kettering, OH