The one thing I did for radical, root-down love

As many of you know, we are in full-swing with the summer love program. Its been amazing to watch our students really open up about the LONGING to love and be loved – MEN and WOMEN. And the realization that it begins INSIDE – with our own sweet heart. We all know it. “Yeah, yeah, I gotta be the love Im looking … Continue reading

Making Malas (and meditation) Meaningful

We all love mala beads – they are beautiful, textured reminders of our love for the practice of yoga, prayer and devotion. But mala beads are much more than mere colored adornments. Many traditions have used beads as tools for practice and transformation. For more on how to use mala beads plus the most beautiful … Continue reading

People and their deepest darkest secrets

I get the honor of meeting with people in private sessions where they reveal to me their deepest, darkest secrets. Here is what most people are so afraid to admit. Its also what ALOT OF US SHARE. Ready? People want to be having better sex and more intimacy with their significant other. People feel fat. … Continue reading